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The PCPD reminds the public to safeguard personal data privacy when participating in lucky draw.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

How do your business balance compliance & data innovation?

PCPD urges organisations to handle personal data prudently when they organise lucky draw activities to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The PCPD would like to highlight the following points in particular:

  • The personal data collected should be necessary but not excessive. The purpose of collection should be directly related to the lucky draw activities. The means of collection should be lawful and fair. Organisations should take practicable steps to inform participants of the purpose(s) of using their data and the classes of persons to whom their data may be transferred, etc.;

  • After the original purpose(s) of the collection of the data has been fulfilled, the personal data collected should be erased as soon as practicable;

  • The use of personal data is restricted to the purpose(s) stated at the time of collection (e.g. to participate in the lucky draw activities) or a directly related purpose. Except with the data subjects’ express and voluntary consent, the data should not be used for other purposes, including the promotion of goods or other activities; and

  • All practicable steps should be taken to protect the personal data against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or use.

Data anonymization frees your data:

Compliance indeed tends to paralyze innovation. Share data too freely, without regard to data-privacy regulations, and a business will eventually find itself the focus of regulators and disappointed customers and partners. Hold data too tightly and a business will eventually find itself losing ground to data-driven competitors.

Protegrity Data Security Platform unlocks the potential of secure data to fuel innovation. Data-driven applications and programs are transforming how organizations interact with customers, develop products and services, create and manage software, and improve the productivity of employees—all while preserving privacy.

Download below two documents to understand more about how Protegrity can support data innovation.

White paper: Satisfying HK PDPO Regulation with Protegrity

Download PDF • 655KB

Protegrity Data Security Platform Technical Brief

Protegrity-Data Security Platform Techni
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