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Get Ready for Privacy Enforcement with Comprehensive Endpoint Encryption


Technology is increasingly making concern on personal data privacy.  Many jurisdictions have passed or are revising personal data protection laws.   It is definitely a priority to reassess the potential consequences of data breaches.  

Very often we see very big privacy scandals caused by endpoint security breaches.  Although organizations have security policies, it is always a bigger challenge to deploy to various endpoints and maintain consistent controls. 

Join us and get to know: 

  • What is happening in the world? The trend of Global, Mainland China & HK Data Privacy Regulations   

  • How WinMagic SecureDoc can better manage data encryption policies & controls comprehensively across the whole enterprise environment from laptops, servers, VM to cloud.

    • Especially for organizations who deploy OS native encryption (BitLocker & Linux) and look for enhanced manageability to meet compliance requirements.



Daniel Ho | Channel Development Manager | InTegrity

Calvin Chen | Senior Consulting Manager | InTegrity


22 Oct 2021 3: 00 pm to 4:00 pm (HK Time)



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